​Vintage Violins offers professional verbal and written insurance appraisals of your instruments and bows at the following rates: 

Verbal Appraisals
$50.00/instrument $35.00/bow
Written Appraisals $100.00/instrument $70.00/bow

Written Appraisals w/photos

$150.00/instrument $100.00/bow

​Verbal appraisals include an opinion on the instrument or bow's age and origin, a complete assessment of condition with a written repair estimate detailing needed repairs, and a verbal valuation of the item in its current condition. 

​Written appraisals include the same information as verbal appraisals, and are available with high quality digital photographs of the instrument or bow. Detailed photographs are invaluable when an instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged.

A physical inspection of the instrument or bow must take place before verbal or written appraisals will be given. No valuations will be given by the examination of photos. Appraisals may be obtained in person at the Little Rock Violin Shop, home of Vintage Violins, or by shipping the instrument for physical inspection. In the event that an instrument or bow is not easily identifiable or of significant value, Vintage Violins may elect to refuse the issuance of a verbal appraisal, preferring instead to issue a more well researched written appraisal.

Please contact us to arrange for an appraisal.